So as I teach myself html, CSS, javascript, and wordpress, I have realized that this blog is a little bit wonky.  I’ll be working on it over the next few weeks, but please just bear with it for now (unless of course you’re an awesomely overambition and skilled web developer that wants to fix everything for me for free!)  Thanks so much!

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So these alternative wedding photos aren’t the most crazy crazy wedding photos out there (try googling “zombie wedding”), but they do look damn good.  Check ’em out over at!

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Ink SpotsWoodgrain invitation

So things have been a bit crazy over here in the Little Yeti Cave, but thanks for your patience!  Anyhoo, here are some new invitations that are up over in the Invitations section!  I hope you like them!

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So is finally up and ready to go out into the world.  There are some definitely tweaks I can still make, but it’s good enough for right now. Check it out to see my wide range of illustrations, fine art, graphic design, and some scans of my sketchbook!

Now it’s just time to get going with more art, more wedding invitation designs, and more awesomeness!

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been swamped with a graphic design gig, some freelance illustration work, as well as helping a friend/client Priya screenprint her own wedding invitations!  I helped with the layout and typesetting, but she pretty much carried the weight of the designing and I just helped execute it.  Thursday and Friday we knocked out 125 invitations and RSVP cards (2-sided!!!) via good ol’ fashioned manual screenprinting.  That’s a whopping 500 prints to pull!

It was exhausting (esp. for Priya, who was doing most of the work) especially the run that we heat embossed, but now she can say she designed and printed her own wedding invitations, and they look fabulous!  Priya is going to send me the whole invitation package when she’s ready to send them off, so I’ll definitely post some pictures when I get them!

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