The sleep schedule of Little Yeti is a bit wack right now, so instead of being asleep as per usual, here are some awesome new art pieces by two of my favorite artists, James Jean and Shepard Fairey.

Wave II by James Jean

Wave II by James Jean


Isreal/Palestine by Shepard Fairey

I’m always astounded by their awesomeness and the sheer volume of work they manage to put out every year.  Great inspirations to get me designing/painting/illustrating.

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Sleep.  Get Some.

Sleep. Get Some.

I originally planned to do a silkscreened poster of this disgruntled, tired, worn-out, multi-tasking octopus, but then decided to go with a series of wanted posters chasing down various cryptids.  Hopefully I’ll have those up for your viewing pleasure in a few weeks.  Anyhoo, it’s been a long night trying to get this blog up, so I figured I might as well test this little blog out and put up something half-way related to wedding invitations and such.

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It’s now 5:51am and I’ve been working on trying to get WordPress integrated into Little Yeti since around midnight..  This may be a foolish attempt, but since I slept between 6pm and 10pm, I should be good for at least another hour or so.  Wish me luck!

What a sad, sad little first post this is…