Welcome to Little Yeti - A Revolutionary Design Studio

Thank you for stopping by the Little Yeti Cave! We are a small design studio located in the snowy mountain peaks of San Francisco, California. Little Yeti's passion is wedding invitations, although we are happy to assist you in any graphic design needs you might have. We have a talented cave of designers and illustrators, and we'd be happy to talk over any projects you might have!

Little Yeti's goal is to provide awesome customer service, showcase unique designs, offer great prices, and to change the world in a positive way (15% of all profits go to charity). Little Yeti is about business not as usual. Thanks again and please join our awesome fan club (a thinly disguised mailing list)!

I want wedding invitations - where do I go from here?

So, you've decided you need wedding invitations (congratulations!) and you're not sure how to start. Please read on and we hope to help you figure out the best solution for you!

First off, if you want to make your own invitations by hand (which at the very least involves printing them yourself) please check out our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) page. Otherwise, if you'd like us to print your invitations for you, please keep reading.

To begin, make sure you know when and where you are having your wedding. The more information you have, the quicker the ordering process will be. Next, do you want something that's already been designed, or something that is 100% unique to you and your partner? If you'd like to see some samples of designs ready to go, please check out our invitations page, or if you'd like to learn more about having Little Yeti design your invitation from scratch, please check out our Custom invitations section.

How do I order?

The general process goes something like this: You find a design you love . You gather all the information necessary, and via email, phone, or an in-person meeting, Little Yeti will make sure he has everything he needs to get started on your wedding invitations. If you are using any of the Little Yeti invitations that are already designed (but just need color, font, text customization), payment is due in full, and you'll sign our Terms and Conditions.

Within a few days, you'll recieve your first digital proof (in the form of a .pdf file) and instructions on how to make changes or how to approve it. If changes are necessary, your second digital proof will be sent. Once you approve your proof, we will put your invitations into production. After they are printed, they will be packed up and shipped out to you.

If you are ordering Custom (with a capital "C") invitations, please read over the Custom invitation page where there is a detailed explanation of both what Custom invitations are, and the ordering process.


Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to poke around!


Little Yeti