Crafting x Wedding - D.I.Y. Options

As someone who used to make his own play-dough and currently tries to make his own soy milk, Little Yeti has a great respect and admiration for those that want to embrace the Do-It-Yourself movement and, well, do it themselves. While Yeti doesn't stock a bunch of cardstock and envelopes, he has helped many people design their own wedding invitations using sashes (aka belly bands), rubber stamps, die cuts, heat embossing, and more!

Creating your own wedding invitations is a great way to help cut costs and make them extra personal! They're also cool excuses to get a group of friends together to help you out, drink some great beverages (although not too great...watch those x-acto blades), and create something together.

However, if you haven't made a bunch of invitations before, or haven't crafted in a while, you may need some extra assistance. Little Yeti offers consulting services which, if you're DIY-minded but a but rusty, can include demos and tricks and techniques to keep things moving along faster. If this interests you, please see our consulting page for more information.

Additionally, Little Yeti can also design your invitations and send your high-quality print-ready files. The process works the same as the custom design process, but you would print them yourselves. The cost is just the custom design fee (which varies depending on the complexity of the requested design and starts at $125).