Your Style, Not Little Yeti's - Custom Design

Little Yeti loves cool colors, gigantic illustrations, penguins, and monsters. However, this should have no bearing on your wedding invitations. Little Yeti specializes in custom invitations as this is what he loves to do!

Yes, technically all wedding invitations are customized, but when Little Yeti (and most other designers) start to talk about custom, they're talking unique, one-of-a-kind design and imagery. Let Little Yeti design the perfect invitations for you in whatever style suits you and your partner best. Want something classic and traditional? You got it. Modern, clean, and sleek your thing? Great. You want a punk-rock meets godzilla themed invitation? We're right there with you. No matter your style, we've got the range to make you happy.

If you're thinking custom, Little Yeti will meet with you and get all the necessary information from you regarding your style, colors, themes, and as much information as you can give to us to make sure we know what you'll love. Our designers will work closely with you every step of the way to determine the perfect invitation, and we'll do it within your budget as well!

Little Yeti really really enjoys working with people on this sort of thing, so for those that think custom isn't in your budget, you're probably wrong. As much as Little Yeti is used to seeing the market rate of $50/hr and up for design, he really wants to make custom design affordable, so he offers a flat rate that varies depending on the complexity of the design starting at around $125.

The process

1. First, figure out whether or not custom is right for you. Have you not seen any invitations that you like? Have a "crazy" idea of printing invitations on something besides a 5x7 card? Want something unique with a design that no one else with have? Would you like your invitations tailored exactly to your specifications? If you've answered "yes" to any of these, then custom is probably right for you.

2. Contact Little Yeti and let us know your general thoughts and ideas, your deadlines, and we'll look it over to see if we think that we can make something magical for you.

3. If everyone agrees that custom is the way to go, we'll set up a meeting to go over all the ideas you have. Bring color swatches, themes, photos, linen, materials, anything to give Little Yeti a clear idea of what you're looking for. The more your have, the better. At this meeting, Little Yeti will give his suggestions and try to flush out some strong ideas for invitations along with general pricing for each option. If we can't set up a meeting time due to scheduling conflicts or location (we're pretty much limited to San Francisco) we'll be happy to go over this via email or on the phone.

4. If you like what Little Yeti has to offer, he will work up 4-6 different concepts (or versions of a concept). At this time a deposit is due consisting of 40% of the final quote + the custom design fee (which varies due to the complexity of the design).

5. You can select 2 concepts to be taken to the proof stage. Little Yeti customers then receive both proofs. After selecting a proof to finalize, you then will receive a revised proof to approve.

6. After the final proof is approved, the remainder of the fee is due and your invitations will go into production!

If you have any questions or would like to see if custom is right for you email Little Yeti today! To schedule an extremely in-depth meeting to determine if custom is right for you, please see our consulting page for more information.