Yeti-on-the-Go - Wedding Invitation Consulting

Although the Yeti is usually a solitary creature, preferring seclusion in its cave, Little Yeti is a much more gregarious beast, one especially interested in wedding invitations. Little Yeti offers wedding invitation consulting services on an hourly basis in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is more than happy to help you with etiquette, timing, budgeting, and helping you find the right wedding invitation for you. With knowledge of many fine stationers and invitation vendors both online and off and a knowledge of DIY options, Rick would be happy to meet you for an hour or two at your home, office, or any public space.

Additionally, Rick would be happy to help you with hands-on instruction in most DIY invitations. He can help you get quotes from printers, show you tricks and techniques on assembling invites, and teach you all you need to know to get fabulous hand-made wedding invitations.

Known for his amazing customer service and knowledge of the wedding invitation industry, Rick has worked with couples to find their perfect wedding invitations with budgets ranging from $100 to $6000. He has worked with over 15 invitation designers and was one of the first Invitation Coordinators for Paper Source. He likes cookies, multi-color letterpress designs, and making people smile.

Rates start at $35/hr and are waived if you end up purchasing your invitations through Little Yeti. For questions, quotes, and to check availability please email Little Yeti.